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Part #6

February 27, 2022 – Post-Op Day 3

The recovery home owner doesn’t wake up until nearly noon again and then she makes a piece of bacon and 2 eggs, while watching the religious network all day. I have no problem with her being religious but can you spare me? Please? I couldn’t take it any more so I moved to the room and she accommodated me by providing a back pillow. 

I also refused to eat anything she cooked and started ordering Uber Eats. This was also the same day she got to cleaning the house from top to bottom, and also the same day she was loudly and constantly complaining about touch marks on the fridge each time we touched it to take water or grab a snack…as if we were the super germ army. I respect cleanliness but she made you feel that you couldn’t touch anything in addition to already making paying customers feel very unwelcome.

February 28, 2022 – Post-Op Day 4

Based on the massage she gave me the night before, I had what I thought to be a seroma (fluid under the skin). I called the pre-op nurse at Dr. Zuri’s office around 9am and they told me to come in later that day at 3pm. I waited for the recovery home owner to wake up, on a Monday morning at a ripe 11:30am to ask her to take me. 

She flipped the F#$&? out. 

On review, the contract stated I’d be charged for extra rides, which I was willing to pay but I found out that wasn’t an option because she was the only ride and caregiver (if that’s what you call it) onsite. 

Again, I had to call an Uber to my urgent post-op appointment, at which time I was also cleared to fly home. Upon my return I asked her if I could leave early – she told me to refer to the contract as she wasn’t providing refunds for early check outs, so I sucked it up and stayed to ensure I received all my shi&^% massages, which became the only time we spoke besides me declining her food. 

March 1, 2022 – Post-Op Day 5

I slept as well as I could on an air mattress but enjoyed peace away from the living room, and  could conduct my work meetings in private. My surgery sister and I had to take our own showers and dress ourselves by this time – I even helped her put her binder on because the recovery home owner and the assistant were not around to help from that point on. They made you ask for help, as if you didn’t need help dressing or putting on compression socks after surgery…who would have thought? 

My IV hydration nurse returned around just before noon, and I relayed the feedback that she must not roll her equipment/bags on the floor because the owner ‘found a scratch’…but she was appalled as much as I was, reiterating that she DID NOT roll her bag the other day. I sat uncomfortably on the bed to conduct my treatment in the room but recovery home owner came in 2x’s to see if the IV hanger was being rolled on the floor and asked us to move to the living room…to be monitored…no thank you! 

I declined to eat again and had just some yogurt and applesauce, which I was allowed to eat in the room. Again, barking dogs all night but she did finally put her own dog in the garage.

You are embarrassed and don’t have the courage to speak up. Posh Plug is here to advocate and guide you to getting your needs met and escalating concerns to the proper authorities.

March 2, 2022 – Post-Op Day 6

Today my surgery sister was packed and ready to bounce. Recovery home owner’s assistant Sachara arrived around noon and asked if we wanted breakfast, I said yeah because it was bacon and eggs, and I was busy with meetings all day that I was conducting on a tiny tray table. When the food was done, the assistant told me I had to eat in the living room, no eating in the bedroom…So now I’m hot AF, and comes out of the bedroom to stand at the counter to eat because otherwise I’d have to breakdown my workstation to bring the tray table to couch – which she wasn’t going to help with.

I specifically reminded her that I’d been eating in the room for the last two days now, and the recovery home owner has made it clear we can’t eat at her table so I was forced to stand. At this point I let loose and told her she’d made the whole experience uncomfortable since I arrived. She argued back telling me that she doesn’t like folks eating in her rooms and what I had the last few days was small items that were acceptable. She states she doesn’t want ants and people leave wrappers and treat her house like a hotel, hence she doesn’t allow anyone to eat in there. I reminded her she agreed I’d have a place to work but didn’t provide me one. Then she offered to lay a blanket on the table so I could spread out my work items there. I told her she didn’t offer that to me a week ago, and I refuse to work or eat under those conditions. I’d plan to go to a coworking space in downtown Miami the next day.

Following this argument, she refused to do my massage and ultimately didn’t provide it until late in the evening after a trip to the gym.

Stay tuned for Part #7…


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