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Part #5

The recovery home owner did not come downstairs until well into the afternoon, at which time she was mad that I wasn’t prepared for my massage and immediately had a shitty attitude. She’d given me no warning or time expectation for this; her reasoning was “I told you we’d do it today so I expected you to be ready.” She then went to complain about a scratch on her floor from the IV hydration nurse. Her assistant, Sachara, assured her that she did not roll her bag but the recovery home owner insisted and proceeded to get on her knees and scrub the floor. At this point my blood was boiling but I figured I had no other way out but to just be patient

Massages are done in the front room by the entrance and dining room table area. I was completely exposed to the assistant and other surgery guests. No privacy! She took repeated phone calls during the massage session – and these were definitely NOT lymphatic drainage massages like I should have gotten. She was just someone who’d taken one class and thinks she is good enough to give this kind of treatment. She basically told me she was qualified to do this without actually being licensed. In this particular case, I didn’t ask for her LMT credentials but I should have (Red Flag #7)

That night the assistant left to go work for another recovery home and the recovery home owner stayed downstairs, sleeping on the other end of the recliner with the dog between us on the floor…at this point I’d made up my mind to move to the room the next day.

Me and the other surgery sister had to resort to ordering through Uber and Doordash for food and other little supplies. At some point I noticed my bandages were gone only to find out the assistant gave the other patient my scar bandages without my permission or knowledge. If I have ever witnessed some fucked up shit, that was it…what nerve?! And mind you, the bandage was in my bag in the bedroom, meaning she had to go through my personal belongings to get the bandages. I can only hazard a guess as to why she would think she has the right to do that. Anyone would be mad. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have minded sharing if I was asked, but for you to use my last bit of supplies and not inform me as “a business” is simply wrong. How do you run this kind of service-based business and not have the simplest of the things people would need?

The recovery home owner announced that she was expecting two more surgery dolls that week, and we would have to move from the room and stay in the living room and use the recliners as our beds. Thankfully the two people never arrived. If they had, this meant our belongings would have been in a room with other people who could have been going through our stuff and we would have had to ask permission to access our own property. Not to mention we’d have to get dressed in the living room at the mercy of whoever recovery home owner brings in or we will have to intrude on someone else’s privacy just so we can get dressed! I am still stunned.

I overheard her on several calls regarding inquiries about availability and she was always telling people that she could arrange for an air mattress in the office upstairs because the rooms were already booked…Now my question is this, why wasn’t I offered the office for work since this was one of the very first things I asked about…I had no clue what was upstairs but to think an office was available the whole time is frustrating. I could not wait to be out of there.

Part #6 coming up…


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