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You can’t do pre/post surgery tasks alone, Posh Plug understands that not everyone will treat your recovery with care, which is why we help find you the right providers that are there for you every step of the way.

Part #4

February 25, 2022 – Post-Op Day 1

I was taken to my post-op appointment on time & returned back to the house. My doctor had cleared me to begin my massages immediately, which are important for managing swelling and healing. I asked both the recovery home owner and the assistant, Sachara, if the massages I’d paid for as part of my stay would begin that day, they told me not to worry – they don’t recommend them until it’s been a week. I responded that they are not qualified to tell me that and that will most definitely not work for me. the recovery home owner then agreed that she’d start the next day because she was off and had plans to attend a wedding that evening. I was livid – I’d PAID for this! 

Later that night, me and my surgery sister were in the living room recliners, barely clothed, and some man came in. It was recovery homeowners bootycall walking into our privacy with no prior warning, before he headed upstairs, then later came strolling through again with no care for our wellbeing on his way out  (Red Flag #6) the recovery home owner didn’t even feel we deserve an explanation. Don’t forget we are exposed with binders, breasts out, drains hanging, robes on…when I woke up to walk in the middle of the night I saw his shoes at the bottom of the stairs.  

February 26, 2022 – Post-Op Day 2

Throughout the night I was concerned about remaining covered up because I had no clue when and if some stranger would come down the stairs. Me and my other surgery sister were up around 7am due to the barking dogs and the assistant’s very heavy snoring…no breakfast was made until the assistant finally woke up around 11am, by which time recovery homeowners boyfriend came down to play with the dog, share chit-chat (unsolicited) with us in the living room before leaving. 

My hydration drip nurse arrived around 11:15 and the assistant rudely told her to carry her bag rather than roll it on the floor (those floors must have cost an arm and a leg). 

Stay tuned for Part #5…


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