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Part #2

That left me in a position of having to work unprepared at Starbucks all day. When I got done around 4pm I sent a text to the recovery home owner that I was headed back to the house via Uber – she said I couldn’t get in the house because she was still waiting for the other doll’s pre-op appointment to finish.

The recovery home owner told me she’d call me when she was on her way back, which wasn’t until nearly 7pm. So had I gone with her, I basically would have been forced to drive back to the airport to pick up another surgery doll, escort her to pre-op, wait for 2-3 hours before being able to be in the space I paid for…the nerve! 

Now I want you to think about how I felt as a customer who just paid $1800 for 9 days with 3 meals + snacks included – but on day 1 I couldn’t take advantage of it because I couldn’t be in the space! 

February 23, 2022 – Pre-Op Day 

Though I’d paid for it as part of the package, no breakfast or lunch was provided by the Recovery Home. My pre-op was at 10:30am, and transportation was provided on time as requested, thanks to the driver who’d picked me up the day before too. 

After the appointment, the recovery home owner was there on time to pick me up, and took me to grab my prescriptions. We finished by 1:30 pm and while I was ready to get back to the house, I had to escort her to pick up the other surgery doll at 3:30pm. Another two hours of my time was wasted – without my agreement or knowledge in advance. As soon as we arrived back at the house, the recovery homeowner assistant was there to begin supporting the surgery doll who’d had a tummy tuck, while I was left without any guidance or dinner.

I took an Uber to Starbucks and stayed there until 9pm. Upon return I was told there was a sort of “chicken stew/soup” which I politely declined and went to bed in the room alone, now that my surgery sister was sleeping in the recliner. As there was only one recliner, I asked the assistant  where I’d be sleeping after my surgery the next day (most people sleep upright after tummy tucks) and was told on the couch next to the assistant…WTF! (Red Flag #5)

Stay tuned for Part #3…


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