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Our Body Sustainability Plan goes beyond the recovery room by providing a customized roadmap and four working sessions with a coach to plan for post-surgical considerations, supplies, and recovery timeline. You’ll benefit from the coach’s experience and avoid unexpected expenses. This package  includes all 5 Workbooks, a Visual Glossary book, and a 30-minute session with Glitter Gloria.



Our end-to-end Body Sustainability Plan teaches you that your journey doesn’t end when you wake in the recovery room. We help our clients custom design the best recovery experience with a 35-point assessment to vet reliable, customer-focused recovery homes for those who’ve chosen to travel for the body of their dreams.
We’ll create a custom roadmap to help ensure all the post-surgical considerations are made ahead of time – because there’s nothing worse than unexpected expenses or products you didn’t realize you’d need. As part of your package, you’ll receive four working sessions with your coach to outline plans for recovery, supplies you may need, and what the post-operative timeline may look like. By collaborating with someone who’s been down this path, you’ll be able to harness their lessons learned so that you have the best outcome possible.
Body Requirement Documentation
Learn what’s useful to have on hand with supply and equipment recommendations
Develop a plan for a support system, both in your circle and with other dolls
Determine how to fit your surgery journey in with your life milestones
Plan for unexpected expenses like revisions or complications
Map out you post-op appointments and recovery with the Calendar Event Tracker

Find the perfect place and people to help you after surgery with a Recovery Home Feasibility Plan
Create a plan for getting back to life after surgery with a Surgery Workback Plan

Five Workbooks:
Workbook 2 Body Purpose Planning and Readiness – This workbook provides you with tools and guidance to examine your desires for plastic surgery and create a viable plan to successfully attain your body goals.

Workbook 3 Structuring a Success Circle – Designed to help you plan how your loved ones can support you during the recovery process after surgery and also assists you in identifying and selecting service providers to be a part of your support network for a successful recovery

Workbook 4 Finalizing your choices for achieving your body goals. – Offers structured tools to help you make a final decision in an objective manner, while ensuring that your goals, needs, and desires remain at the forefront of the outcome.

Workbook 5 How to prepare and what to expect after you’ve had surgery – Aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the recovery process, including the physical and emotional challenges that may arise, and prepare you for them.

Bonus – Visual Glossary Book – We provide surgery-related vocabulary, illustrations of the human body, and research materials to help you initiate the planning phase for achieving your desired body goals.

A 30-Minute Session with Glitter Gloria


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