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You love your face & body right? Take a moment to validate your decisions!


We take the guesswork out of everything!


  • Body Resume, Reference Guide with research tools & tips
  • Private Intake Coaching Call
  • 5 Workbooks of 40+ resources, checklists, & guides for deciding what you want and planning for recovery
  • Community support & story sharing through social media


  • Discern package offerings, PLUS:
  • Body Queen Readiness Seminar to review your pre-established body goals and research
  • Two 45 minute facilitated group courses on making your decision for surgery and recovery
  • Two support check-ins with the Glitter Gloria Team to discuss your plans


  • Posh package offerings, PLUS:
  • Six months of pre-surgery support
  • 75-Day Body Portfolio Program
  • Two added group courses on Success Circles and body planning
  • 12 Months of Posh Plug Resource Portal Access
  • Three Private Follow-Up Sessions
  • BONUS COURSE: Live with Glitter Gloria to talk retrospectives with surgery dolls who are fresh out of surgery. Come see before and afters, swap price quotes and help others make better decisions.


  • Discrete Private Sessions
  • Oversight of travel logistics & pre/post surgery preparations
  • Luxury Custom Recovery Kits

“The new body idea’s been calling to you for weeks, months, even years. But then life happens: you don’t know where to begin, you’re stuck, or you simply can’t find the time to dig in.” 

We work with curious individuals in designing and streamlining their cosmetic or plastic surgery journey to reflect their values, purpose, and realities. We’ll complete the Top 10 Questionnaire to align your new body requirements using an intimate yet productive documentation session with someone who’s been in your seat. In a single session, you leave with an achievable action tracker.

Glitter Gloria addresses common problem areas when planning cosmetic procedures: 

  • Finding trusted advisors or people to guide them
  • Scouring the internet for information on plastic surgeons, procedures, and recovery houses with unreliable sources
  • Lack of supportive people to talk to regarding decisions
  • Weighing affordability versus quality
  • Chasing a wish pic without understanding how their own body’s potentials may differ
  • Lacking a network of body service professionals
  • No post-op body sustainability plans – because the journey doesn’t end when you leave the operating room
  • Unprepared for post-surgical needs such as fajas, lymphatic drainage massage, or lift chairs
  • Little knowledge of the common need for revisions or staged surgeries

As long as you’re ready to begin seeking consultations with board certified surgeons, we’re ready to help you develop a comparison chart to analyze your top 3-5 contenders. As part of your Body Decision Matrix, we’ll provide guidance to collect over 20 key data points to gather requirements that will narrow down decisions on the surgeon and procedures. You’ll also benefit from two productive documentation sessions with someone who’s been in your seat and can lend an objective viewpoint. In the end you’ll have tangible tools outlining your decision process to remind you what you really want.

  • Explore the best methods to research credentialed providers 
  • Get tips on how to make an informed decision 
  • Create a chart of providers that align with your new body goals using out Surgeon Decision Matrix
  • Engage with others who are sharing information regarding the provider of choice 
  • Begin price matching and making a financial plan 
  • Determine the number of surgeries required to achieve your goals 
  • Build a network of body service professionals 
  • Map out your financing for a New Body Budget 
  • Engage additional VIP services

Our end-to-end Body Sustainability Plan teaches you that your journey doesn’t end when you wake in the recovery room. We help our clients custom design the best recovery experience with a 35-point assessment to vet reliable, customer-focused recovery homes for those who’ve chosen to travel for the body of their dreams.  

We’ll create a custom roadmap to help ensure all the post-surgical considerations are made ahead of time – because there’s nothing worse than unexpected expenses or products you didn’t realize you’d need. As part of your package, you’ll receive four working sessions with your coach to outline plans for recovery, supplies you may need, and what the post-operative timeline may look like. By collaborating with someone who’s been down this path, you’ll be able to harness their lessons learned so that you have the best outcome possible.

  • Body Requirement Documentation 
  • Learn what’s useful to have on hand with supply and equipment recommendations
  • Develop a plan for a support system, both in your circle and with other dolls  
  • Determine how to fit your surgery journey in with your life milestones  
  • Plan for unexpected expenses like revisions or complications
  • Map out you post-op appointments and recovery with the Calendar Event Tracker 
  • Find the perfect place and people to help you after surgery with a Recovery Home Feasibility Plan 
  • Create a plan for getting back to life after surgery with a Surgery Workback Plan 
Image of Gloria looking up through a window.

“You don’t have to make these body decisions alone – vibe with a Glitter Queen”

We want to hear your story, listen to your struggles, and help bounce ideas around to overcome potential challenges. We look forward to providing you with the resources, tips, and personalized coaching to support your journey down the road many travel blindly, while those around them may judge or question the choice. Instead of throwing rocks, we hand you crystals to provide light that guides you in the tunnel.

With decades of experience and body contouring success found throughout multiple generations, we will support you during every phase of the body transformation process with solutions that are custom-tailored to fit your specific needs – with full confidentiality. 

Whether you want a bundle of self-managed surgical planning tools or prefer ongoing individual coaching and consultation, we have packages suited to your needs.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation. Every human body facing the mirror to reflect on improvements — and we’re here to help you go over, under, around or through — taking you from where you are to where you want to be in the fastest, friendliest, most effective way possible.

Cartoon of Gloria holding a tray of body models in a docotor's office.

Posh Plug

Looking for your resources all in one place? Posh Plug is the private, members-only content page where Glitter Gloria provides downloadable resources, links to helpful pages, and tools to help your plastic surgery planning process.

The Posh Plug portal has been cultivated to provide users with easy access to the materials they will refer to over and over during their journey.

The Body Resume is the keystone planning tool developed by Glitter Gloria to clearly document and organize your wants, needs, and constraints when it comes to your dream body. There are a lot of factors to consider from timeline to budget to recovery plans – even the nitty gritty like preferred belly button shape for those getting tummy tucks!

You’ll spend one-on-one time with Gloria to discuss in depth your goals plus all the things that will affect your planning and outcomes. Having the opportunity to talk these through with a knowledgeable and experienced surgery doll allows you to get feedback and maybe find things to consider that weren’t on your radar. She’ll be able to use your Body Resume building session to give suggestions and guidance specific to your exact dreams.

At the end, you have an outline that will keep you organized and on track for everything that comes after. It will be your opportunity to lay out exactly what you’re looking for – right down to the look of your belly button.

Tired of walking past the mirror wishing you had a cosmetic surgery date scheduled?


How can you determine if your body will realistically match the picture? There are many factors to consider when it comes to final results.

Advocacy and guidance from Glitter Gloria brings clarity to the overwhelming process of plastic surgery decisions – a fresh pair of eyes for extra perspective.


A typical client for us is someone who is hungry to expand his or her knowledge of body procedures and build a “goal body” plan from the ground up, while accounting for how their unique figure impacts outcome.

Leveraging their newfound knowledge, Glitter Gloria’s clients are empowered to make the best decisions for their future selves.

Real world results

Our surgery dolls can achieve results with confidence, knowing they had help researching, weighing options, and considering barriers.

With Glitter Gloria supporting you through the planning, goal setting, and implementation process, you’ll be more likely to have the outcome you dreamed of.


Over the last ten years, we’ve overcome the pains of information overload, the conflict of waiting for the right time versus the convenient time, and the paralysis from over analyzing that causes no action.

Our hard-hitting coaching style gets right to the point in a non-confrontational no BS type of way.

Advocating for The Best “You”

We all lose perspective when looking at ourselves – having a resource who can give objective views is invaluable when making a decision about cosmetic procedures like breast implants, mommy makeovers, or liposuction. It’s much easier to help others with decisions compared to helping ourselves. Our clients get the personalized guidance, education, and tools to take away the stress of planning plastics.

Personal Touch

Working with Glitter Gloria one-on-one means you have an experienced surgical doll who can listen to your goals and guide you through a personalized planning process to achieve your best body. You come away with a tailored plan of action along with resources and tools that will support you from consultations to recovery and beyond.

On Positive Vibes…

Glitter Gloria believes trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. We understand the importance of discretion – plastic surgery is a vulnerable topic. We maintain confidentiality regarding our clients’ body journey because we value integrity – your secrets are safe with us! No one has to know about your body sculpting or face lift, unless you want them to.

You love your face & body right? Then Stop giving money to incompetent people!


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