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Buttock Augmentation Or buttock Aesthetics – A complete guide by Glitter Gloria aesthetic and plastic surgery consultation.

What is buttock Augmentation? 

Buttock augmentation or gluteoplasty is an aesthetic procedure to enhance or lift the structure and shape of the buttocks. The surgical method of buttock augmentation helps to make your butts more pleasing and desirable and helps improve women’s attractiveness and sensual beauty. The procedure aims to target the problems of deficient or flat buttocks, asymmetrical buttock consistency, buttock flattening, and gluteal contour problems. 

If you want to ameliorate the structure, shape, and contour of your buttocks, trust the Glitter Gloria plastic surgery consultation to get in touch with the best aesthetic and plastic surgeons in town. 

What are the advantages of buttock Augmentation surgery? 

  • The procedure helps add the desired volume to the flattened or low-volume buttocks.
  • The buttock augmentation procedure smooths wrinkles and lifts excess sagging skin.
  • The procedure helps in proving more roundness to your backside
  • Improves balance to your figure by providing more projection to your buttock region
  • It helps in improving self-esteem and confidence 

What is the procedure of butt Augmentation surgery? 

Various aesthetic and surgical techniques imply to improve your buttock aesthetics which are listed under;

  • Butt implant surgery where your plastic surgeon will insert silicone implants to provide fullness. 
  • The other procedure is Brazilian butt lift surgery, where the surgeon removes fats from one area of your body by liposuction and injects it into butts to provide more volume. 
  • Butt lift surgery removes excess sagging skin to lift butts for a smoother and toned appearance. 

Anyone in good physical health with no underlying diseases and having realistic expectations of the outcome of surgery can benefit from the procedure. Patients who smoke and have chronic illnesses such as diabetes that interfere with healing and recovery from the procedure are not ideal for l undergoing surgery. 

What are the risks and complications of buttock augmentation surgery?

  • Anesthesia complications
  • Bleeding 
  • Pain 
  • Buttock asymmetry
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fat necrosis
  • Changes in skin sensation 
  • Seroma 
  • Numbness or changes in buttock skin  sensation 

What is the recovery time after buttock augmentation surgery?

The entire recovery period after buttock augmentation is two to three weeks. 

For further information on details of buttock enhancement surgery, book your initial consultation with Gloria and get the best deals. 


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