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Gloria Coleman

Behind the Brand: How Glitter Gloria Came to Be and Why Plastic Surgery Planning Can Prevent Cosmetic and Financial Regrets

Your body is one of the most important investments you can make – it is the vessel that has to carry you through life, the physical form you see and feel each day. If you had the capacity to change it in a way that will make you happier and more fulfilled, you’d do it, right?

That’s what Gloria did – a hard worker professionally and personally, she had put time into her appearance but there were things no exercise or diet would alter. She began researching plastic surgery, knowing that she had to be diligent to consider the variables, costs, and impact. She underwent liposuction in 2018, with a revision of it in 2019, but knew she’d need a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, to truly obtain the results she sought.

Part 1 – Getting Started

Gloria’s free eBook (see sign-up in footer) is a great place to get started with some points to consider if you’re planning on undergoing the knife for body augmentation. Even better – schedule a complimentary consultation with her to talk about what you’re dreaming of, and be one step closer to manifesting it into reality. 

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